Chixin Semiconductor successfully held the seminar "Frontier Exploration: UWB Technology to enable Intelligent life"


On May 10, Changsha Chixin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. successfully held the "Frontier Exploration: UWB technology to enable intelligent life" seminar in Pudong, Shanghai, this seminar aims to explore the cutting-edge technology of UWB chip development and the innovative practice of UWB technology in the application. This conference brought together many excellent enterprises from the UWB industry chain, including the head of mobile phone manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, T1 suppliers and T2 suppliers

 In the automotive industry, the head manufacturers in the field of Internet of Things modules and terminals, as well as many well-known investment institutions, government agencies and so on. Chixin Semiconductor and colleagues in the industry shared the keynote speech, and we discussed the status quo of UWB chip technology, future development trends and the latest progress of innovation practice, which perfectly fit the spirit of the conference "focusing on innovation and empowering the future".

The successful holding of this conference has strengthened the close cooperation of the UWB industrial chain, promoted the innovation and progress of the application of UWB technology, promoted the development of the entire UWB industry, and made important contributions to the development of UWB technology and industry.


At the meeting, Dr. Jing Zhenhai, chairman and general manager of Chixin Semiconductor, introduced the latest progress of its UWB chip products to the guests.


As the leading UWB chip supplier in the industry, its developed UWB chip products are positioned in the consumer electronics, Internet of Things and automotive electronics markets, and has cooperated with many downstream automotive, automotive T1/T2, mobile phones, Internet of Things and other head customers to achieve landing solutions, low power consumption, radio frequency performance, integration and other indicators are in the leading position in the industry.


Dr. Yu Li, Director of Chixin Semiconductor Solutions, demonstrated solutions based on Chixin UWB chips, including ranging, radar, Angle measurement, and kick detection.


The site also demonstrated the CCC digital key + Sentinel radar real vehicle application based on Chicore UWB chip, and invited customers to experience the site, which was unanimously praised.


In addition, upstream and downstream partners and customers in the industry also delivered keynote speeches on "UWB Technology enables Intelligent life", sharing the latest progress of UWB technology from automotive applications, life detection, test solutions and equipment, and the Internet of Things.

Mr. Qi Guangzhi, CEO of Shenzhen Kuaidianjian Technology Co., LTD., delivered a keynote speech entitled "Leading the" IOT "To" TTT "upgrade", mentioning that following the large model computing, the next stage of industrial upgrading, Things To Things is an inevitable trend. The "know if" independent innovation algorithm equipped with fast see technology enables objects to perceive and interact independently through deep cooperation with the chip. UWB technology is a technology that supports positioning, data transmission and radar functions at the same time. From the beginning of its establishment, Quicksee Technology has been committed to providing scenario-based spatial perception and interconnection services in the field of short-range communication. Such as the consumer electronics void mouse, the smart home sleep monitoring of the Internet of things, the presence of children in the cockpit of the new energy vehicle installed in the front of the car and the tail door kick.


Professor Luo Xiaomin from Junzhi Medical shared the method of extracting human respiratory and cardiac curves based on flapcore UWB pulse radar. Different from the traditional method of extracting respiratory rate and heart rate from radar signals reflected by human body, the method processed the signal of each pulse time series and extracted the complete respiratory and cardiac curves respectively according to the distance gate segment. This, in turn, provides a non-contact test to obtain more information about cardiovascular function beyond breathing and heart rate.


Mr. Wang Wei, wireless communication product Manager of Rohde & Schwarz (China) Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the UWB full life cycle test program, including UWB physical layer test requirements, TOF calibration and testing, AoA chip level test program, UWB multi-port expansion test program.


Mr. Ouyang Hongjun, general manager of Shenzhen Melkech New Technology Co., LTD., shared the passive finding mobile phone case products developed based on Chixin UWB chip, which is equipped with R-nergy™ RF energy algorithm, self-developed chip and Chixin UWB chip for wireless power collection and RF communication. The first passive UWB intelligent homing mobile phone case such as passive change map case, passive change color case, passive change light case. While the mobile phone case can also search for items at any time without battery, the passive variable image shell can produce an AI map, quickly transmit updated images, the passive variable color shell can display personalized color patterns, and the passive variable light shell can be steady on, flashing, and rhythmic light flashing, showing the harmonious unity of technology and practicality.


In the future, Chixin Semiconductor will continue to deepen the UWB chip field and promote the innovation and application of UWB technology. We will work together with our colleagues in the industry to explore the new possibilities of intelligent life and bring people a more convenient, safe and efficient intelligent life experience. We firmly believe that with the continuous development and popularization of UWB technology, intelligent life will no longer be out of reach, but become an integral part of our daily lives. We will actively embrace this change and use science and technology as the engine to drive the continuous development of intelligent life.

At the same time, we also look forward to more enterprises and institutions to join the research and application of UWB technology, and jointly promote the development process of intelligent life!