CX500 is a UWB SoC chip positioned in the automotive electronics market, supports QFN packaging, supports 1T3R, supports centimeter-level positioning, has high reliability, high integration and excellent radio frequency indicators, and will accelerate the popularization of UWB technology in the field of digital keys for new energy vehicles.

Product Overview 

The CX500 is a fully integrated single chip impulse radio Ultra Wide Band (UWB) SoC chip with features of low-power consumption, high security, high integration, high performance, and is compliant to IEEE802.15.4a HRP, IEEE802.15.4z HRP, FiRa , CCC and ICCE protocols. CX500 supports ranging, AoA (Angle of Arrival), radar and data transmitting which are designed for applications in an automotive environment. With small package of QFN40 (5mm*5mm), CX500 is especially suitable for automotive applications.


Key Feature 

• IEEE802.15.4a HRP/IEEE802.15.4z HRP / FiRa / CCC / ICCE compliant

• Supports 500M channel bandwidth from 6 GHz to 9 GHz (Channel 5,6,8,9,10)

• Supports TWR, AoA, ToA, TDoA and PDoA

• Low external component count

• ARM® Cortex-M33 32 bit processor

• Supports AES, ECC, SHA, CRC and security interface

• Supports 1T3R transceiver architecture

• Complies with FCC & ETSI UWB spectral masks

• Maximum packet length of 1023 bytes for high data throughput applications

• Low power consumption design

• Data rates of 850 kbps, 6.81 Mbps, 7.8Mbps27.24Mbps and 31.2Mbps

• Integrated MAC support features

• Supports SPI(Master/Slave)/UART/I2C/JTAG/SWD interface

• Supports ROM, OTP and SRAM

• Dynamic programmable transmitter output power

• Integrated LDO, integrated RF frontend and matching network

• Supports automatic calibration

• Supports system clock or external crystal

• 5mm*5mm QFN 40 Pin package


Key Benefits 

• Fully coherent receiver for maximum range and accuracy

• Asset location to an accuracy of 5cm

• High integration supports smallest customer BOM

• Integrated PMU, integrated RF frontend and matching network

• Low power consumption

• Radar performance to a resolution of 7.5cm

• AoA to an accuracy of 3°

• Supports automatic calibration

• Supports system clock or external crystal

• Small package: 5mm*5mm QFN40 package



• Supports ranging, AoA, radar and data transmitting

• Supports TWR, ToA, TDoA and PDoA

• Supports radar:

Sentinel radar

Kicking radar

Child Presence Detection

• Suitable for automotive market