Recruitment Position

   Analog IC Design Engineer        Number of needs: 1  Working place: Shanghai/Changsha

Job Responsibilities: 

1.Design analog circuit modules in wireless communication chips, including but not limited to the following modules: ADC/DAC, band-gap, digital/analog LDO, DCDC Buck, LPF, VGA, low noise and high performance OPA, comparator, Charger, RC-OSC, Crystal OSC

2. Complete product design on time and with high quality

3. Cooperate with layout engineer to complete layout work of the project, participate in layout work of key circuits, and be responsible for layout quality

4. Assist in product debugging and test verification, and be responsible for product debugging and revision if necessary

5. Responsible for writing technical documents related to product design process


1. Major in microelectronics, master or doctor degree or above, and more than 1 year (including 1 year) chip design experience

2. High speed ADC or SAR ADC experience is preferred; Laboratory testing and debugging experience is preferred

3. Designed analog chips or analog circuit modules in chips, and have a deep understanding of the performance of analog circuits; Familiar with IC design process and back-end Layout design process; Proficiency in Cadence Spectre or Hspice

4. Have strong learning ability and good team spirit

   IC Verification Intern                Number of needs: 1    Working place: Shanghai

Job Responsibilities:  

1. Participate in module level and system level verification work, including making verification plans, writing test cases, pre-imitation and post-imitation, etc

2. Assist FPGA testing

3. bring up the chip for debugging


1. Have a solid basic knowledge of digital ic

2. Master verilog and sysverilog languages and be familiar with the basic knowledge of UVM

3. python/perl language implementation script is better

4. Familiarity with amba protocol is preferred

5. Project experience is a plus